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The window is now open to apply to any of the three magnet programs housed at Dillard High School. Interested applicants can submit one of two ways:

Complete the high school/middle school application process online.

Application and Audition Procedures

All applications must be sent to the Broward County Demographics Office. You may also apply online.  The Demographics Office address is on the application.  All applications must include a copy of the most recent report card.  Applicants who are currently attending school outside of the Broward County Public School system must also include a copy of the most recent standardized test scores.

Students who apply to Dillard’s VPA (Visual & Performing Arts, Grades 9-12), ECT (Emerging Computer Technology, Grades 9-12) or DE (Digital Entrepreneurship, Grades 6-12) programs are required to meet the published academic admission requirements.

After applying to the magnet program, students will receive a letter confirming their academic eligibility. Once a student is academically eligible, ECT and DE students will be able to schedule registration appointments with the ECT Magnet Office.  A parent or guardian is required to escort students to their registration.

Students applying to the VPA magnet will be scheduled for an audition once the application is submitted and all academic requirements are met.  A parent or guardian is required to escort students to their scheduled audition.  Students are encouraged to begin preparing for their audition immediately. Audition requirements are listed for each respective discipline on our website.  On the day of the scheduled audition, students and parents will fill out registration paperwork for the upcoming school year.

Within two weeks of the audition, students will receive a letter advising them of the outcome of the audition.  Accepted students will be asked to contact the DCA Office within two weeks to confirm placement in the magnet program. All registration paperwork will then be processed and the student will be enrolled in Dillard High School.