Art @ DCA

Visual artists are responsible for some of the most provocative and enduring expressions of culture. At Dillard Center For The Arts, emerging artists are provided with the tools they need to express themselves in ways that are meaningful in the social context in which they live and work.

At DCA we offer our students a dynamic arrangement of in-depth programs of study, including Graphic Design, Art History, and Studio Art. Our curriculum encompasses a broad range of media including ceramics, digital arts, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Within and across these media, students encounter diverse practices including video, installation, letterpress, performance, alternative materials and processes and emerging technologies. Emphasis is on the inextricable linkage of making and thinking, of material and technical skills with conceptual and critical understanding. You will find in the department of Art at DCA a faculty that is supportive, a provocative curriculum, and an environment among your classmates that promotes artistic growth and development.


If artistic expression is constantly on your mind, and you have dreams and aspirations of further developing your talents, or pursing becoming a professional artist as a career choice, there is no better place to start your journey than at Dillard Center For The Arts. Starting your journey with DCA means you will have an opportunity to experience:

  • State Of The Art Facilities – ( 2500 Sq. Ft. Art Gallery, 3 Art Studios, 2 Computer Labs)
  • A Passionate & Well Trained Staff – Our teachers LOVE teaching, and take pride in nurturing the development of our emerging artist.
  • Technology + Innovation – Emerging media is deeply ingrained in DCA’s arts curriculum.
  • Excellence In Advance Placement Courses – Our students consistently score well on Art AP Examinations.
  • College Readiness – Our students often attend some of the most prestigious art schools in the nation.