DCA Orchestra

The DCA Orchestra provides large group instruction and performance experiences on string/orchestral instruments. The DCA Orchestra has consistently earned Superior Ratings at FOA Music Performance Assessments. The Orchestra also boast numerous students earning Honor Orchestra honors at both the district and state level.

Major emphasis of study will focus on continuing skill development, conceptual understanding, and aesthetic appreciation needed to perform selected orchestral literature. Required activities include after school rehearsals, concerts, festivals, competitions, and the annual DCA musical. All students are required to participate in any and all after school functions. Orchestra Honors includes all of the requirements of regular orchestra with the added requirements of individualized performance, student leadership, musical evaluation, student conducting, written assignments, and a signed contract.

PREREQUISITE: Audition/teacher recommendation

Required Activities:

Winter & Spring Concerts
FOA District Music Performance Assessment
FOA Solo & Ensemble
FOA State Music Performance Assessment
FOA All State Orchestra Auditions
All County Honor Orchestra Auditions
DCA Annual Musical Production
Student Juries
Student Recitals