DCA Vocal Ensembles

Vocal Ensembles – The DCA Chorus provides students with instruction in the development of technical skills in the choral setting. Emphasis will be placed on the development of skills in reading music notation; music theory and composition; individual and ensemble performance techniques; analysis of form, style, and history included in the performance preparation of varied choral literature; and critical listening skills and aesthetic values. The content should include, but not be limited to, the following: healthful and musically appropriate vocal tone production techniques; independent interpretation of varied choral literature; application of rhythmic and melodic notation and expressive markings in performance, composing, and improvising; analysis of musical form, varied style periods, and aesthetic perceptions; evaluation of musical performance as a performer and a listener; application of appropriate choral performance techniques; responsible participation in music activities; roles and influence of choral music and musicians in culture, society, and everyday life.

The DCA Vocal Ensembles have earned numerous Superior Ratings at the district and state level through their participation in Florida Vocal Association Music Performance Assessments. The DCA Choir is has also had numerous students to participate in Honor Vocal Ensembles at both the district and state level.

PREREQUISITE: Instructor’s approval and evidence of advanced musical competence through prior experiences in solo evaluation, performance, student leadership and ensemble conducting.

This course generally requires extra rehearsals and performances beyond the school day.

Required Activities
Winter & Spring Concerts
FVA District Music Performance Assessment
FVA Solo & Ensemble
FVA State Music Performance Assessment
FVA All State Honor Band Auditions
All County Honor Choir Auditions
DCA Annual Musical Production
Student Juries
Student Recitals