Why Choose DCA Dance


The Dillard Center for the Arts Dance Program seeks to identify and train both the young artist who is professionally oriented and the young artist who has the potential to dance but may never have had the opportunity to study in a professional setting.   The program helps the student to develop an in-depth appreciation of the arts and the physical and mental discipline essential to a successful career in any field.

The dance program at Dillard Center For The Arts provides excellent dance training in our creative arts setting and offers students a broad range of experiences. Committed faculty and staff provide individual attention and mentor students to help them achieve their personal best. All aspects of dance (technique, performance, choreography, history, and production) are experienced in our beautiful, modern facilities. Dance learning extends beyond the classroom. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of dance-related activities including masterclasses, post-performance discussions, and professional dance concerts.

DCA Dance provides a nurturing environment where students are trained to extend their talents in creating and performing. All students are taught by full-time and visiting part-time specialists in dance. Teaching staff have real-world experience in an extensive range of dance practices and are active in the dance community through South Florida.


It is the goal of the Dance Program to assist each student:

  • To provide an atmosphere in which young artists can grow intellectually, technically and creatively.
  • To expose students to professional teachers, performers and  choreographers through master classes, attendance at performances and participation in new choreographic works.
  • To create an awareness of the interrelationship of all the arts through inter-disciplinary activities.
  • To expose the dance student to a variety of dance-related career opportunities.
  • To offer career guidance on an individual basis.
  • To provide qualified students with audition opportunities for professional schools and college dance programs throughout their four years at DCA.

Here are some of the benefits that dance training can offer:

  • Muscle control and coordination; an awareness, strengthening and respect of the physical body
  • Exercise
  • Grace
  • Creative expression
  • Musicality and the development of an appreciation for classical and contemporary music
  • Poise, Posture, Presentation; useful in all areas of life
  • Self-achievement, Self-awareness, Self-esteem
  • Discipline, a strong work-ethic, time management skills; transfers to academic achievement and career success
  • Focus, concentration, determination
  • Intellectually challenging; promotes problem-solving, quick-thinking, reasoning skills
  • French vocabulary and terminology
  • Promotes respect for peers, teachers, individualism as well as team work
  • Development of artistry in class, rehearsals and performances
  • Appreciation for the history and tradition of dance, exposure to world cultures, universality of dance
  • Appreciation for the Arts
  • All these wonderful life skills are achievable not only for the student intent on a professional career in dance but also for the student who studies dance for the sheer joy of movement.