Hints For Parents


How to be a positive influence on your child’s future

 Set aside a few minutes each week to have a “future talk” with your student(s).

Ask your student to think of something they learned during the week that might help them create a successful future. Ask them to elaborate. “That sounds interesting. Say more about that.” Give them hints: “What did you learn in social studies? Reading? Math?”

Ask your student to think of a decision they made during the week that can have a positive impact on their future. Examples: I decided to do my homework; avoid a fight; answer a teacher’s question; help the teacher; help a fellow student; research some careers of interest; do some extra work. Discuss the implications of this decision for future success. “How do you think this might help you in the future?”

Ask your student how many times they have thought about their future during the week.

Make a note of it and record it. Just asking the question can remind them to do it. And the more they think about it, the more important it will become.

Ask your student how you can help them plan a successful future.

If they give you a question you can’t answer, let them know that you will try to find the answer. Someone at the school should be able to help you. Remember: You are the most important influence in the kind of future your student will have. Work with us to make sure that it is a successful one!