Music Academic Curriculum

MUSIC THEORY – Music Theory I & II develops the understanding of the elements, materials, and structures of which music is made. It provides instruction in the fundamentals of pitch and duration, notation, major and minor keys and scales, intervals, the major triads, and musical construction. Methods of instruction include ear training and dictation, sight singing, analysis, composition, and arranging.

SURVEY OF MUSIC HISTORY – Students will study the development of western music over time and learn about it’s relationship and influence on the development of musical styles from 1200 to present. PREREQUISITE: Music Theory

ADVANCED PLACEMENT MUSIC THEORY (AP) – Advanced Placement Music Theory is designed to develop a student’s ability to recognize and understand the basic materials and processes in any music that is heard or read in score. Much stress will be on the development of fundamental aural, notational, and performance skills. This course is recommended for only the highest motivated student.
PREREQUISITE: Music Theory I or teacher recommendation.