Music at DCA

The Music Program at Dillard Center for the Arts is dedicated to the development of each student’s knowledge and artistic excellence in their area of music.  A variety of instructional and performance opportunities prepares students either for advanced musical study or instills an appreciation for the arts in those who choose other careers.  Students’ growth at the Center for the Arts will be directly proportional to the amount of time spent with their discipline.  Inasmuch as the administration and the staff of Dillard Center for the Arts consider it a privilege to teach gifted and motivated students, we feel it is reasonable to expect certain work ethics and behaviors from the talented students with whom we work.

All lower level DCA Music students are required to take 2 credits of performance class and 1 credit of technique or music theory each year.  All upper level students are required to take 2 credits of performance class each year with additional requirements determined by teachers based on the student’s Jury Performance at the end of the second year.

General Goals

It is the goal of the Music Program to assist each student:

  • To grow in knowledge, skill and the creative practice of the chosen art form of music in conjunction with a complete academic program.
  • To develop and heighten awareness of contemporary issues and ideas in music through study, practice and exposure to exemplary musical forms and processes.
  • To continue to develop and exhibit self-discipline in pursuit of their chosen field.
  • To perceive the interrelationship between music and other arts and to apply techniques of related arts to one’s own discipline.
  • To develop an awareness of career opportunities and the appropriate advanced training, college, or professional experience that is necessary to pursue a career in the arts.
  • To develop leadership abilities through active participation and/or membership in a variety of school and community settings.
  • To participate in a variety of ensembles and performances within DCA and in the community.
  • To develop critical skills that describe, interpret and refine one’s responses to works  of music.