Season Tickets @ DCA

Join our season ticket subscribers who enjoy LIVE Broadway entertainment, LIVE musical concerts, ballet and modern dance performances, close to home at the beautiful Dillard Center for the Arts Theater.

Why become a season ticket holder? 

Our loyal patrons and donors enable us to bring the best musical productions, dance concerts and theatre to Dillard Center for the Arts. Imagine the lights, the costumes, the atmosphere, and anticipation!  As the curtain rises, the outside world fades, transporting you to a world of monarchs, heroes, villains, passion, rage, wonder, time and LOVE.

To show our appreciation, we offer the following benefits:

The Best Seats

Season Ticket Holders get access to great seats before groups and the general public.

The Price

Season Ticket Holders save up to 30% versus purchasing tickets individually.

Exclusive Pre-Sale Opportunities

Get your tickets to other great Dillard High events before the general public!

Guaranteed Access

You wonít miss a show! We will ensure there is a space for you in all of the productions of your series.

Reserved Parking Passes

Your parking spot will be reserved for you upon arrival.

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