Theatre Audition Requirements

On the day of the scheduled audition, students must bring a 100-word (typed) essay explaining why they desire admission to the program, what they feel they will get from the program and what future artistic plans they have.

Acting and Musical Theatre
Students must prepare and perform a two-minute age-appropriate monologue from a published play.  Monologue books are available through local libraries and bookstores.  Students must also prepare a vocal selection (preferably from musical theatre) and provide a taped accompaniment in the proper key or bring their own accompanist. Auditioning students will also be required to demonstrate an ability to read “cold” from a provided script.

Technical Theatre
Auditioning students will be interviewed and must be able to display a general knowledge of Theatre, Technical Theatre and Visual Arts.
A portfolio of artwork with the following items is required:

  • a drawing of a household appliance
  • a drawing of a piece of draped fabric
  • a drawing of an object with light coming from one side (so that a shadow is shown)
  • a drawing of a corner of your bedroom with as much detail as possible.

Additionally, students will be given a studio assignment during the audition.