Visual Arts Audition Requirements

On the day of the scheduled audition, it is recommended the student bring:
• A portfolio containing at least five (5) pieces of original 2-dimensional artwork, (including a self- portrait, a landscape, a still-life, a figure drawing, and an abstraction)
demonstrating use of various media.
• At least three (3) original 3-dimensional artworks
• Sketchbook(s) with your sketches, ideas, thoughts, and notes
• A one page essay on “What drives you to make art and why do you want to be in DCA’s Visual Art Program.”
• Only bring current 8th grade year artwork for the audition.

In addition, students will be asked to demonstrate the ability to draw from life during the audition.

Finally, each student will be interviewed to determine their general knowledge of the visual arts & techniques and gather overall in advanced art study.