DCA Schedule Request Web Form

This is form is for students in the Visual & Performing Arts Magnet. Students not in the VPA should consult their respective guidance counselor, or magnet coordinator for assistance.

Please explain in detail your concern and/or request. Please note we may not be able to accommodate all request. Request for course changes designed to accommodate instructor preferences, lunch periods or other reasons that are not directly related to academic achievement will not be considered.

SENIORS PLEASE NOTE:  Any schedule change request to drop classes required for graduation MUST BE APPROVED by your senior guidance counselor Ms. McDonald. It is recommended that when you make an appointment to see her to bring your proof of Dual Enrollment, or your online class progress report when requesting to drop classes from your schedule that are required for graduation.  Once she approves your request Mr. Charles will then consider request to replace the dropped classes with VPA courses, based on availability.

Fill out my online form.